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You're Better Than The Best. ♥ :)

Warning: You might fall in love with me. :) Welcome into my thoughts. No negative thoughts allowed. :> You can call me Vickay ;) I'm a star. I twinkle and shine like no other. ★ I'm a shy & quiet girl. But once you get to know me, I'm a fun loving girl. I'm kind of weird and I'm no ordinary girl. I love to laugh and I cry easily. I also love eating, eating, and eating. Btw, if you unfollow me, it must be because you’re sick of seeing my awesomeness all over the place. :) ♥

"All of us have someone who is hidden in the bottom of our heart. When we think of him we feel like ummm.. Always feel a little pain inside but we still want to keep him. Even though I don’t know where he is today, what he is doing. But he’s the one who makes me know this .. A LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE. ♥

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